Asset Identification & Tracing

The increasing mobility of corporate staff, coupled with the increasing trend towards partial remote working has led to an explosion in the numbers of valuable portable assets owned by corporations. This very mobility presents significant new challenges. How can corporations protect their interests by ensuring that valuable portable assets cannot be stolen or easily misplaced and that clear, accurate and up to date information is always available on which assets are where?


Mobile asset controls at building entrances are frequently cumbersome, particularly impractical at peak times and only partially effective in preventing theft. Information available to the responsible staff members is often sketchy, incomplete and out of date. As a result, corporations often do not even know that certain assets have been lost, let alone when or how. Apart from the significant financial costs incurred through the loss of such assets, many of the lost laptops in particular carry sensitive data about the corporation and its products, technologies, clients, etc.

Brand ID provides an asset-tracking service which equips Security Officers at building entrances to immediately determine whether a particular person is authorised to remove a given asset and to rapidly and accurately record every such movement in and out of the building. At the same time, Asset Managers have access to continuous real-time information on the location of each asset on a global basis, together with comprehensive audit trails and customised real-time reports.

The service is designed to be simply and rapidly deployed across every portable corporate asset and in every corporate building; replacing many current manual processes and speeding up entry and exit procedures. Implementation requires only minimal staff training and little or no capital investment, whilst the service is extremely cost effective to run.


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