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Brand ID’s secure, feature-rich, online voucher management service controls physical and electronic voucher chains in real-time to support a wide variety of business models. Full audit trails are provided and status security measures are used to control, protect and track the vouchers throughout their lifecycles.


  • Secure, hosted voucher management solution avoids capital expenditure and system management overheads.
  • Total reliability with multi-site failover and real-time backups.
  • Uniquely customisable service where clients determine the business rules.
  • Comprehensive ability to analyse behaviour for trends in order to optimise business models, parameters and rules.
  • Change the status of your vouchers in transit for added security. This facilitates the easy identification of stolen goods and fraudulent behaviour.
  • Lookup screens facilitate easy real-time customer support management.
  • Offers potential to increase Average Revenue and Average Margin per User.

Key Features 

  • Secure voucher PIN generation.
  • Secure physical voucher printing.
  • Automated request, credit release and secure delivery of eVoucher PIN files to distributors/retailers
  • Control and management of voucher allocation, issuance, redemption, recharge and deactivation.
  • Totally customised business rules and workflow.
  • Optimisation of retail voucher stock levels.
  • Full audit trails and secure status tracking.
  • Real-time online measurement screens.
  • High-performance Telco voice-grade database capable of handling enormous transaction volumes.

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