Consumers rely on the quality assurance of a trusted automotive parts Brand for both effective results and personal safety, but counterfeit parts are significantly undermining this confidence. How can Brand Owners ensure that vehicle repairers, consumers and even insurers will be 100% confident that they are getting genuine parts?


The U.S-based Motor and Equipment Manufacturers Association (MEMA) estimates that counterfeit automobile parts cost the global industry about US$12 billion per annum.

Brand-ID’s comprehensive outsourced service provides a totally secure closed loop audit trail which empowers repairers, retailers and consumers to choose the real Brand. At the same time, it exposes grey channels and provides Brand Owners with unique new marketing opportunities and information. The service requires little or no capital investment and can be flexibly and rapidly deployed in automotive supply chains to solve a variety of very specific counterfeiting problems. It integrates seamlessly with both the branded motor manufacturers’ current logistics chain and the insurers’ existing claims payment processes. It can also be more widely deployed as a trustworthy worldwide authentication service to clearly expose counterfeit automotive parts and grey channels wherever they are used.


  • Clear distinction in the marketplace between genuine & non-genuine branded parts.
  • Consumers empowered to choose genuine parts, offering potential to increase sales.
  • Elimination of parts returns to dealers following fraudulent insurance claims.
  • Elimination of parts returned for credit following customer damage.
  • Added protection from potential legal liability for performance failures of non-genuine parts.

Key Features 

  • Process centrally controlled with no need to add any new systems or procedures at dealerships.
  • Real time measurement of parts authentication rates provides instant indication of end consumer sales rates by product and by region.

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